The Happiest Doctor In Idaho

Remember when………not feeling well and having to go to the doctor?   When arriving at the office you were greeted by someone who was warm and friendly and knew your name?  Remember when your doctor actually took the time to listen to ALL of your concerns without the thought of how many other patients he/she needs to see that day to meet “the quota”

Well, somewhere in time things changed.  Medicine became a corporation and HMO’s took over the country and dictate how doctors practice medicine.

Now doctors are starting to take back the way they want to treat people.  They are deciding not to participate with or bill insurance companies.  This means the person comes first and their care is more personalized.  When a doctor does not have to answer to the  insurance company and it’s bottom line that means you the patient will have your doctors undivided attention.  You will have a doctor that is not overworked because they can make their own hours and take as much time as YOU need.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet  The Happiest Doctor In Idaho

Now you might be wondering, if the physician is not participating with or billing insurance companies how does the patient get their medical visit recognized for reimbursement and meeting yearly deductibles.

Treasure Valley Billing is a HIPAA Compliant, affordable billing service that will electronically submit your claim to your insurance company from the information the physician gives you, which is called  a”superbill”. We will then track your claim until it’s processed according to your policy benefits and inform you when it has completed.

Feel free to contact Treasure Valley Billing for more information on how we will assist you with your billing needs.